Wonderfully grounding stones, agate brings about an emotional, physical & intellectual balance. Soothing & calming Agate works slowly, building great strength. It’s multiple layers can bring hidden information to light. Overcomes negativity & bitterness of the heart, healing inner anger, fostering love & the courage to start again. Creates a sense of safety & security by dissolving internal tension.

In addition, specific colours have additional properties:


Green : Increases compassion, generosity & a keen sense of justice. Improves decision making & aids in the resolving of disputes.

Brown: Provides a gentle energy, good for meditation. A comforting & protective stone with soothing energy that helps when we feel lonely, are grieving because of a loss,  going through difficult times or when we are hurt.

Blue: Soothing, calming, encouraging, uplifting energy. Imparts encouragement & lifts the spirit with positive supportive vibrations.

All our crystals come with a guide detailing some of their main healing properties, as above.


Mixed Agate

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