A selection of 5  tumblestones, each one carefully selected for its propensity to attract good luck & abundance. Each group of stones comes in a pretty organza bag & includes an easy to read leaflet, detailing each stone's individual properties  as follows:

Citrine: Said to carry the warmth & power of the sun. Sometimes called the 'merchants stone', citrine attracts wealth, abundance & prosperity. ( As well as lifting the mood & providing energy!).

Aventurine : A positive stone of prosperity.

Jade : Ancient symbol of good fortune & protection. This stone is believed to attract good luck & friendship.

Sardonyx : Another stone to attract friends & good fortune.

Labradorite: The Innuit people called it 'frozen fire', as some believed that it had fallen from the Aurora Borealis. Known as the 'good luck stone', attracting both fortune & success, Labradorite is said to increase the amount of good coincidences that we experience.

Little Bag of Luck

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