With Valentine's Day around the corner, what better way to tell someone that you are thinking of them than by sending them  a little bag of crystals, dedicated to love.

All tied up in a pretty organza bag, each collection also includes an easy to read guide detailing each stone's properties and why they were chosen. 

To make a truly personal gift, the recipients name can also be included at the top of the guide. e.g. 'A Little Bag of Love Especially for ........'

And for an added air of mystery and  in keeping with Valentines Day traditions, include the recipients delivery address with your order ( in the delivery address section) and I can send them directly to your loved one.

The gemstones included in each bag are:

Rose Quartz: The  stone of unconditional love, Rode Quartz acts like a band aid for the heart, helping to heal old love wounds & release emotional baggage.

But remember, it’s not just romantic love that Rose Quartz embodies, this beautiful stone  can help you to forgive, understand and see fights or situations from a completely different perspective. It's healing properties can also provide you with the wisdom to recognise your own need for compassion and  allow you to see that you deserve forgiveness and understanding from yourself. 

For in order to truly give love to others, we first need to learn to love ourselves.

Jade:  A crystal 'wingman' to stand by your side.  Jade can attract many things to help create harmony both in love & in life itself. Ancient symbol of good fortune & protection. 

Believed to attract good luck & friendship, Jade is a symbol of purity & serenity; a gemstone  much prized in the East,  signifying  wisdom gathered in tranquillity.

Amazonite: Helps to maintain a deep love & connection when you meet that special someone. Allows you both to communicate openly & lovingly with each other.

Clear Quartz: Enhances energy & intention. Include clear quartz in any bag of crystals  to enhance their energy and help them to work more effectively.

Little Bag of Love & Romance

  • I am delighted to say that all UK deliveries are completely free,  and  will be dispatched the  next working day, following receipt of order.