Who couldn't do with a little  extra love or romance in their life from time to time?

Well this  little bag has been put together to help attract exactly that!  All tied up in a pretty organza bag ( colours may vary from the image), including a leaflet detailing  the properties of each stone and explaining just why it has been  chosen for this selection:

Rose Quartz: The universal stone of unconditional love. Acts like a band aid for the heart, helping to heal old love wounds & release emotional baggage.

Jade: Attracts all things to help create harmony in love & in life. A  kind of crystal 'wingman' to stand by your side.

Amazonite: Helps to maintain a deep love & connection when you meet that special someone. Allows you both to communicate openly & lovingly with each other.

Clear Quartz: Enhances energy & intention. Include clear quartz in any bag of crystals & it will help them all to work more efficiently.

Little Bag of Love & Romance

  • I am delighted to say that all UK deliveries are completely free,  and  will be dispatched the  next working day, following receipt of order. 

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