The start of a new academic year, whether it be school, college or university is a wonderfully, exciting time. It is a time filled with hope, aspirations and the making of new friends to set you on the path for an amazing future. But sometimes all of this excitement & change can be a little overwhelming and not just for students. This can also be a stressful time for teaching staff too!

This little bag of crystals is designed to be carried in a pocket or a bag and each stone has been carefully chosen to help at the start of a new term, a new school, a new college or even university, and to continue helping throughout the whole of your academic life.

Accompanied by an illustrated guide to help identify each crystal and also to explain exactly why each one has been included.

Carry this bag with you throughout your day; hold the stones for a few minutes at break time... & breathe!

Crystals included are:

Fluorite: The genius stone, helps concentration & the recall of information quickly during lessons & exams.

Amethyst: Enhances memory, improves motivation & helps to focus on the job in hand.

Gold Tiger's Eye: Assists with the accomplishment of goals, attention to detail & a good companion for tests & important meetings, interviews etc.

Black Obsidian : A great grounding stone & strongly protective. Obsidian helps to combat those 'overwhelming feelings' which can sometimes be experienced in a busy, crowded place.

Amazonite: A calming stone soothes the brain & nervous system. Helps to increase self confidence, self belief & general feelings of encouragement.

Clear Quartz: Master healer & great amplifier of energy & intention. Included in any crystal pack, Clear Quartz will amplify the energy of all the other crystals.

And don't forget to take a look at the  'Little Bag of Calming Crystals' too!

Study Crystals for the New Term

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