A selection of both rough & smooth tumblestones, to help increase confidence, nurture inner strength & boost willpower. Each bag also includes a leaflet detailing the properties of each particular stone and the reasons why it has been included:

Orange Calcite : Brilliant for confidence. This crystal helps to balance the sacral chakra, as when this is unbalanced, it can lead to feelings of doubt. Stimulates positive vibrations throughout & is a great stone to help overcome shyness.

Gold Tiger's Eye : Strengthens willpower, providing the courage of the tiger, thus enabling your self-confidence to shine through.

Carnelian : Works on the first three chakras & is aimed at raising your self-esteem. Great for courage, this crystal provides confidence in decision making & in taking any necessary actions.

Sunstone: Enables personal power, using the energies of the sun. A stone to nurture inner strength & mental toughness, as well as giving your willpower a significant boost.

Little Bag of Confidence

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