A selection of both rough & smooth tumblestones, to help increase confidence, nurture inner strength & boost willpower. All tied up in a pretty organza bag, each collection also includes an easy to read guide detailing each stone's properties and how they might help.

Anf if you are giving these crystals as a gift, you may also like to include the recipients name on the guide e.g. 'A Little Bag of Confidence Crystals for .......'

Agate: Besides helping to overcome negativity, Agate is useful for any kind of emotional trauma. Fostering love, this stone gives you the strength 'to start again', facilitates acceptance of yourself, which in turn helps to build self-confidence.

Gold Tiger's Eye : Strengthens willpower, providing the courage of the tiger, thus enabling your self-confidence to shine through.

Carnelian : Works on the first three chakras & is aimed at raising your self-esteem. Great for courage, this crystal provides confidence in decision making & in taking any necessary actions.

Sunstone: Enables personal power, using the energies of the sun. A stone to nurture inner strength & mental toughness, as well as giving your willpower a significant boost.

Little Bag of Confidence

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