A collection of 6 tumblestones, each one carefully selected for its individual, gentle, calming, reassuring energy. All tied up in a pretty organza bag, each collection also includes an easy to read guide detailing each stone's properties and how they might help. 

Perfect to keep close, during difficult times & an original, thoughtful gift to show someone that you are thinking about them.

And if you are giving these crystals as a gift, you may also like  to include the  recipients name on the guide e.g. 'A Little Bag of  Calm for .......'

Each bag includes:

Rose Quartz: Calming, reassuring & excellent in times of crisis or trauma.
Amethyst : Natural tranquiliser & another excellent stone to relieve anxiety & stress. Place under your pillow to combat insomnia, especially when due to an over active mind

Moonstone: A stone of inner growth & strength, soothing emotional instability & stress, stabilising the emotions, providing calmness.

Amazonite : A calming stone to help soothe both the brain & nervous system. Helps to build self-confidence, self-belief and general feelings of encouragement.

Blue Tigers Eye: Known for its stress relieving properties. Blue Tigers Eye can be a useful aid for the over-anxious or quick-tempered. Believed to help with the ability to slow things down &  take a step back when needed.

Snowflake Obsidian : Teaches us how to recognise & value mistakes. also how to identify bouts of anxiety, enabling  us to release those feelings. Helpful in reaching a long term solution to reduce  anxiety.


Little Bag of Calm

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