Are you just starting out on your crystal journey, or maybe you know someone who is? This little pack was created with exactly that purpose in mind & includes a small but comprehensive selection of stones to help you take those first all important steps. All tied up in a pretty organza bag, also incuded is  a leaflet detailing the main healing properties of each stone, how it works, why it was chosen  and also what colour it is - (for identification purposes):


Rose Quartz: (Pink) Stone of unconditional love, helping to alleviate stress & anxiety. With gentle, reassuring energy, Rose Quartz helps us to see other people & ourselves through the eyes of the angels.

Sodalite: (Blue) eliminates mental confusion, calms the mind & helps to reduce anger.

Carnelian : (Orange) Helps with transitions. A stone of vitality, motivation & creativity.

Gold Tiger's Eye: (Gold/brown) Stone of great courage, like the Tiger itself. The shape shifter. Encourages us to put our plans into action & recognise our own talents.

Citrine: (Yellow) Powerful, cleansing & regenerating stone . Provides energy, lifts the mood - gloom & despondancy have no place around Citrine. And if that's not enough, this stone also attracts wealth & abundance - what's not to like?

Amethyst: (Purple) Natural tranquiliser, psychic protector, can help with insomnia, (especially when due to an overactive mind), trauma, anxiety, grief, loss as well as pain. Can also help to provide focus & clarity.

Black Obsidian: (Black) Molten lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallise. A stone without boundaries or limitations, with truth enhancing properties that are merciless in exposing flaws. Obsidian is grounding, powerful & creative, increases self-control & helps you to face up to your true self.

Clear Quartz: (Clear) Master Healer or Doctor Stone, amplifies energy & intention, including the properties of other crystals. An aid to concentration, unlocks memory, stimulates the immune system & helps bring the body into balance.

Crystal starter pack

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