Are you just starting out on your crystal journey, or maybe you know someone who is? This little pack was created with exactly that purpose in mind & includes a small but comprehensive selection of stones to help you take those first  important steps. All tied up in a pretty organza bag, this  pack  also includes an easy to read guide detailing the main healing properties of each gemstone, its' colour (for identification purposes), how it works and why it was chosen. 

If you are giving these crystals as a gift, you may also like  to include the  recipients name on the guide e.g. 'A Little Bag of  Crystals for .......'

Gemstones included  are as follows:

Rose Quartz: (Pink) Stone of unconditional love, helping to alleviate stress & anxiety. With gentle, reassuring energy, Rose Quartz helps us to see other people & ourselves through the eyes of the angels.

Sodalite: (Blue) eliminates mental confusion, calms the mind & helps to reduce anger.

Carnelian : (Orange) Helps with transitions. A stone of vitality, motivation & creativity.

Gold Tiger's Eye: (Gold/brown) Stone of great courage, like the Tiger itself. The shape shifter. Encourages us to put our plans into action & recognise our own talents.

Citrine: (Yellow) Powerful, cleansing & regenerating stone . Provides energy, lifts the mood - gloom & despondancy have no place around Citrine. And if that's not enough, this stone also attracts wealth & abundance - what's not to like?

Amethyst: (Purple) Natural tranquiliser, psychic protector, can help with insomnia, (especially when due to an overactive mind), trauma, anxiety, grief, loss as well as pain. Can also help to provide focus & clarity.

Black Obsidian: (Black) Molten lava that cooled so quickly it had no time to crystallise. A stone without boundaries or limitations, with truth enhancing properties that are merciless in exposing flaws. Obsidian is grounding, powerful & creative, increases self-control & helps you to face up to your true self.

Clear Quartz: (Clear) Master Healer or Doctor Stone, amplifies energy & intention, including the properties of other crystals. An aid to concentration, unlocks memory, stimulates the immune system & helps bring the body into balance.

Crystal starter pack

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