Eye-catching Crackle Quartz is quartz which has been superheated and colour-infused; with each colour having its own specific properties.
Pink Crackle Quartz promotes fun and joy in life, whilst helping you to be responsible for your own feelings. It is very useful for healing after emotional trauma as it draws out the pain and replaces it with love. It helps to bring unconditional love into your heart.
Purple Crackle Quartz helps with spiritual development, promoting a change of attitude and new perceptions on the spiritual pathway.
Blue Crackle Quartz assists with communication, helping you to make yourself heard. It can help you to overcome speech or hearing problems.
Green Crackle Quartz helps with grounding. It may also comfort a person who is not comfortable in their own body.
Yellow Crackle Quartz can help with healing mental abuse. It assures you that it is ok to believe in yourself and your perceptions.
Orange and Red Crackle Quartz are good for stimulating creativity.

All our crystals come with a guide detailing some of their main properties, as detailed above.

Crackle Quartz

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