Subtle energies flow in and out of us through the chakras in our body, which are also known as the psychic centres. If you can picture your spine as being like a stem and the chakras are like flowers growing out from this stem; out through the body, and out a few inches in front of the body, in the aura. Each chakra is associated  with its own colour and also its own crystals. This little bag comprises 7 such crystals, including a leaflet describing the properties associated with each one as follows:


Red Jasper : (Root chakra) to help cleanse the aura & promote good health.

Carnelian : (Sacral Chakra) Good for the digestive system, spleen & pancreas. Excellent for motivating, recharging & energising. Also a good blood detoxifier.

Aventurine: (Heart Chakra) Both pink & green stones are a powerful aid to this area as they not only heal the physical body, but resonate with the spiritual concepts of love, compassion & truth.

Angelite: (Throat Chakra) An angelic stone to help you to speak your truth with wisdom & compassion.

Amethyst: (Third Eye Chakra) The trusted crystal for so many areas of life. This stone is also an excellent brow healing crystal.

Clear Quartz : (Crown Chakra) Both clear & purple stones are powerful aids for the crown. Clear Quartz helps to amplify energy & bring heightened spiritual awareness.

Chakra Crystals

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