Tiger's Eye is a protective stone, traditionally carried as a talisman to protect against ill wishing & cursing. Helps to accomplish goals, shows the correct use of power, bringing about integrity. Alleviates depression & lifts the mood. Helps you to recognise your goals & those of other people. Helps to differentiate between what you need & what you think you want!  Emotionally Tiger's Eye balances yin-yang & energises the emotional body.

In addition, the different colours have additional specific properties, for exmple:

Sometimes known as Hawk’s Eye, Blue Tiger's Eye is a very soothing stone, that calms & helps to release stress. Aids the over anxious, can help to calm a quick temper & can also be useful in overcoming phobias.

All our crystals come with a guide listing some of their main properties, as detailed above.

Blue Tiger's Eye (Hawk's Eye)

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