Working from home with Angelic intervention!

Do you remember when you were small and cardboard boxes were fuel for the imagination? In the blink of an eye they became a castle, a ship, a racing car and more besides...?

Well, as you may have noticed, due to the pandemic, I am not currently working in my usual spot at The Parkway Shopping Centre and so all my stock is now being stored at home. Most things were transferred in cardboard boxes and oh my goodness, what fun the cats have had with them! Within minutes of removing the contents Teddi Pusscat was trying each box out for size… or maybe she was setting sail on an imaginary adventure? With one paw dangling overboard she stretched out to swat pencils and anything else within reach, as she bobbed passed on the 'high-dining-room table-sea' until eventually, overwhelmed by excitement, she curled up and settled down on a pile of crumpled packaging and fell fast asleep; cardboard box sides bulging, ever so slightly!

I know that lots of non-essential shops have re-opened, with suitable safety precautions in place, but given that Angels & Unicorns was based in a small middle retail unit, in the midst of an indoor shopping centre, I did not feel that it was prudent for me to do likewise just yet, even though I do miss all my customers, fellow mall traders and Parkway staff enormously!

I am, of course still trading on-line at with all deliveries in the UK free, using Royal Mail. And if you live in Middlesbrough, I can even have your purchases delivered the very next day. If you are unsure about ordering on-line, have any questions about our products, or even if you would like some help choosing a gift or perhaps discussing a crystal and its properties, all you need to do is send me a message, via the website, by text or Facebook messenger and I will be more than happy to call you back for a chat.

This week I have been busy taking photographs and adding lots of Angel products to the website, with a little help from my four-legged, furry friends of course!

Angels in all forms including full size figurines, delightful Angel cards for both grown ups and children and even some teeny, tiny Angels who will fit happily into your pocket or purse. Particular favourites of mine are the clear resin Angel stones, in their pretty presentation envelopes. So tactile and comforting to hold, these stones are perfect for sending as a gift through the post (and we are happy to send them to any address that you specify!)

It’s always a good time to welcome another Angel into your life and there really is no time like the present with 10% off all Angelic products until the end of July 2020!

Why not visit and take a look?

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