The Legend of Apache Tears

I always get excited when new crystals arrive and there have been several fabulous pieces added to our collection of late; Smokey Quartz points, Himalayan points, Rose Quartz part polished part rough and a couple of beautiful Apache Tears. The legend of these enigmatic stones is so haunting, I had to share it with you:

These beautiful, irregular shaped stones are a form of Obsidian found in Arizona USA.

Legend has it that back in 1870 the Coyote, Tonto & Pinal Indians, who were all part of an Apache tribe, lived on top of a mountain, Big Picacho, in an area that was partly hidden from the surrounding areas. In July of 1870, however, General Stoneman decided that he needed to establish an outpost to the west of what is now called Superior AZ. At first things were fine, but in the winter food became scarce, buffalo & vegetation were in short supply and the Indians struggled to feed their families.

In desperation, the Pinal apaches carried out a series of raids on the neighbouring settlements to try to steal food for the tribe. Not surprising in some ways, the ranchers felt the need to do something about the raids and a group of them got together with US Cavalry Company B and between them they found the hidden track that led to the Apache camp.

Not knowing that their camp had been discovered, the Apaches were totally unprepared for the ensuing attack and within a matter of minutes, 50 Apache warriors had been shot & killed. The remaining 25 retreated to the cliff edge but they were massively outnumbered and had nowhere to go. Rather than be killed by the white man, the warriors chose to leap to their death from the side of the mountain.

Their widows were inconsolable in their grief and it is said that they gathered a short distance from the cliff, where the sands were white, and for a whole moon they cried for their warriors, dark tears of grief. They grieved deeply, not only for the death of the seventy five brave Apache Indians, but also for the death of the fighting spirit of the great Pinal Apaches.

The Great Spirits, so it was told, were also deeply saddened and they turned the tears of the Apache widows into stone where they fell; these stones are what we now call Apache Tears.

Some say that those who carry an Apache Tear will never cry again as the Apache women cried enough for every person who holds one of these beautiful stones. With great healing properties, Apache Tears transmute negative energies, including psychic attack, clearing the way for positive vibrations. Said to help with depression, grief, loss as well as the absorption of vitamins and to also help strengthen the immune system.

So much more than a piece of volcanic glass; they are a legend, a form of strong love and a powerful healing stone.

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