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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

I am sure that I am not alone in describing the last couple of months as a bit of a roller coaster ride. Grateful & relieved that myself and my loved ones are safe and well. Worried about the future, from both a business and a health prospective. Enjoying time spent outside in the sunshine; time that I have been able to spend in the garden and walking the dogs, without having to be back home so that I can to rush off and go do something else. Time to breathe and appreciate new life and springtime in all her glory. Feeling lucky and blessed on one hand, but also a bit lonely and isolated at times and if I am totally honest, a wee bit scared too.

But I do count my blessings and many of them do, in fact, have four legs! On February 29 the Brigadier (my elderly home-bred Cavalier boy) and I welcomed a new recruit into the fold. Jamie was adopted through The Northern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Welfare Society. Not really a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ( although there may have been one or two somewhere in his ancestry) he is, none-the-less, a very sweet boy and at this moment in time I feel that we probably needed him more than he needed us. So in one way, the past few weeks have had a wee bit of a silver lining in that it has given us all a chance to get to know one another better. Importantly, it has also provided time to address some basic training issues.

Another advantage of not going to work, of course, is the fact that the alarm clock does not need to be set for some ungodly hour, which is just as well considering that this morning we were woken at 3.30 am by barking coming from the kitchen!

Now there have been times over the last three months when young Jamie has tested my patience, but one thing that must be said in his favour, is that he always sleeps right throughout the night, in the kitchen, without a murmur. Hence, this morning's early morning call did warrant further investigation.

He was obviously very happy to see me, as demonstrated by his wiggly, wagging rear end as he ran around the kitchen smiling and carrying his favourite 'tuggy toy'! It was obvious that he wanted the outside door open but not, it transpired, so that he could go out, it was so that his best friend, Teddi pusscat, could come in!

He was oh, soo... pleased to see her and I suppose she was grateful to him too, in her own way. Or at least as grateful as a cat can be. She did grant him a cursory head rub beneath the chin as she passed him by,on her way upstairs to the comfort of my bed!

But it's not only Jamie that has learnt new things over recent weeks. I have discovered the fun of zoom meetings and on-line family quiz nights. Have attended webinars, set up a Facebook shop for the business and also spent some time updating the website.

But best of all, as I was tidying the stock room (aka the spare bedroom) my eyes were drawn to a pack of tarot cards that I have had in stock for quite sometime. I don't know what made me open them, but I did and at that point I knew that they belonged to me.

Since then I have revisited my old Tarot notebooks and was amazed at how much has come back to me, or been reawakened by this fabulous deck. I keep them in a small wooden jewellery box that once belonged to my mother. They fit perfectly, you would think that they had been made for each other. I have now established the practice of selecting a daily card and keeping it, for that day, in a prominent but safe position, well away from puppy paws! At the end of the day, I like to revisit the card and make a note of any synchronicity with the days events. Sometimes I ask a question before selecting my daily card and the results, I must admit, have been more than interesting.

Of course for some, the fortune telling image of the Tarot still exists and perhaps some of us think that we really do want to know what the future holds. But never lose sight of the fact that ultimately we have freewill and that we can not deny responsibility for the choices that we choose to make.

I like to think of the Tarot as a mirror. Looking at my card(s) for the day is a bit like looking at a reflection of myself. Sometimes I project my own issues on to the cards, but I can now see what those issues are objectively, revealed in a secret language that I am familiarising myself with, once again.

When the time is right, you too might enjoy discovering more about this ancient art.

There are several decks available on the website and also in the Facebook shop. All come with full instructions, but if you have any questions at all you can always message/contact me at any time and I would be more than happy to have a chat with you. I do miss chatting to my lovely customers!

So, on that note, I am now going to take the dogs for a walk, even though it is raining. The cats, on the other hand, went back to bed after breakfast which is eminently more sensible I feel!

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