As Halloween Approaches...

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

So where has the last year gone? On one hand, it feels like we have been here, in The Parkway Centre for ever, but conversely it seems like only yesterday that this whole adventure was just an idea, floating around in my head.

So what has happened over the last year? Well, the business has grown & developed & now incorporates an impressive range of healing crystals & gemstones. It‘s heartwarming to see how many folk appreciate their beauty, (besides me!) & use them for all sorts of reasons. And it’s lovely to see children, carefully choosing stones to add to their collections too. I had no idea, a year ago, just how many children, both girls & boys, are fascinated by gemstones.

A recent addition to my collection are the ‘little bags of crystals’ which are proving extremely popular. Currently we have:

Little bags of luck & prosperity

Little bags of love & romance

Little bagm

Little bags of new beginnings &

Little bags of study crystals

Each bag contains a leaflet, detailing the stones included with a brief overview of their properties, plus a tiny inspirational angelic message, all packaged together in a pretty organza bag. Green for luck & prosperity, pink for calm, blue for study, yellow for new beginnings & red for love & romance. A really personal & unusual gift... or why not treat yourself?

I have also been in discussion recently with a bride-to-be, about giving crystals as wedding favours, so watch this space!

And now we are gearing up for Halloween or Samhain. Fab cast iron cauldrons for spell casting have recently arrived, plus a smaller lightweight variety for mini witches & wizards to take trick or treating. We also have an exciting selection of new Tarot & Oracle Cards. A Tarot ‘cheat sheet’, Samhain Cards, Rose Quartz Runes, spell candles & so much more!

I do hope you get chance to drop by soon & don’t forget, we are open every day except Sunday, 10.00am - 4.30pm 🎃🧹🧙‍♀️


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