My Story

There's no getting away from the fact that June 2018 was a pretty bleak time for me. Not only did I loose my beautiful Izzy, one of my much loved, home bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, but a week later I also lost my job of eight years,  due to redundancy.

The prospect of being unemployed with a house, a mortgage, two remaining dogs, two cats, two ferrets a tortoise and a horse, gave me the much needed jolt required & from a tiny germ of an idea, Angels & Unicorns began to take shape. The name came first, before I really knew  how the business would develop, but there again both Angels and Unicorns have always been very dear to my heart.

The word angel means messenger & the bible tells us that angels are sent to us by God as our protectors and also to bring us messages from heaven. In the western world angels are portrayed as having white feathery wings, which is probably why one of the most widely acknowledged signs that an angel is nearby is finding a white feather, particularly in an unexpected place. Coloured feathers can also appear unexpectedly and depending upon the colour, these too can be significant. For example brown feathers are associated with friendship, red signify passion, courage and good fortune, whereas blue feathers are sometimes seen as messages from Archangel Michael.

Birds are also a common sign that angels are near, particularly when they come closer to you than you would normally expect; personally I have always had an affinity with Robins & especially now, as one often sits on my stable door  & watches me whilst I am mucking out.

Unicorns, on the other hand, are purported to be mythical, legendary creatures. However, back in the seventeen hundreds, powdered Unicorn horn could actually be bought in some London pharmacies, so make of that what you will! But whatever your belief, Unicorns have enjoyed a universal following for thousands of years and although they are  said to come in any colour, from jet black to dazzling gold, it is thought that if you are ever lucky enough to touch a pure, white Unicorn, you will find happiness and joy for the rest of your life.


So there we are, but  I can truly say that when I raised a glass to the New Year in January 2018, I had absolutely no idea that eight months later, on 6 August  I would be launching a new business specialising in healing crystals, Reiki treatment and a host of  new age/spiritual products... not forgetting  lots of angels & unicorns, of course!